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15 impressive figures about UX

Most companies have now understood the value of User Experience Design, especially the reason why it is essential to have their users at the centre of their strategy. But one of the main challenges we’ve all experienced as UX Designers with clients is how to measure the value of UX investments with quantitative data? How is it possible to convince a company to invest in this important aspect of their products?

So we’d thought we’d list a few astonishing figures, hoping they might help you to convince someone that UX design is an essential investment any product.

300 million

300 million is the additional revenue (in USD) generated in one year by Amazon after the redesign of a single button.
Source: https://www.fastcompany.com/1147825/300-million-continue-button

2.4 Billion

2.4 billion is the amount of sales (in USD) that retailers lose because of slow loading times on their e-commerce sites.
Source: https://econsultancy.com/blog/9790-slow-loading-websites-cost-retailers-1-73bn-in-lost-sales-each-year


Every “$1 invested in ease of use returned between $10 and $100.”
Source: http://aquent.com.au/blog/user-experience-roi


-50% is on average the relative amount of time needed to develop a feature when aUX designer has been involved.
Source: https://www.experiencedynamics.com/blog/2014/07/making-strong-business-case-roi-ux-infographic


85% of UX problems can be solved by testing a feature or product with just 5 users.
Source: http://www.youpicom.fr/blog/user-experience/


68% of users sometimes leave a website because of poorly designed UX
Source: http://www.youpicom.fr/blog/user-experience/


44% of online shoppers will tell friends about a bad experience online.
Source: http://www.youpicom.fr/blog/user-experience/


62% of customers base future purchases on past experiences.
Source: http://www.youpicom.fr/blog/user-experience/


86% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience.
Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/christinecrandell/2013/01/21/customer-experience-is-it-the-chicken-or-egg/


70% of customers sometimes abandon purchases because of bad user experience.
Source: http://aquent.com.au/blog/user-experience-roi


67% of users say that a poor website experience negatively affects their opinion of a brand.
Source: http://aquent.com.au/blog/user-experience-roi


80% of users abandon a mobile site if they have a bad user experience.
Source: http://aquent.com.au/blog/user-experience-roi


1% of customers feel that vendors consistently meet their expectations.
Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/christinecrandell/2013/01/21/customer-experience-is-it-the-chicken-or-egg/


88% is the percentage of consumers who are not willing to return to a site after a bad user experience.
Source: https://econsultancy.com/blog/10936-site-speed-case-studies-tips-and-tools-for-improving-your-conversion-rate


48% of users of a site that does not work well on mobile consider that the business does not care about them.
Source: http://blog.marginmedia.com.au/Our-Blog/bid/87385/10-Mobile-Web-Design-Statistics-All-Marketers-Should-Know-About

We hope these UX statistics will help you justify how important UX is not only for the users themselves, but also for businesses building products and experiences.

Rémi TAIEB – Senior UX Designer Consultant

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