Let’s get the T-Times started!

As our Sydney office welcomes more and more Thiguys (understand Thiga-guys) and gets bigger, it was time for us down under to continue a tradition started by our French big sister. So ten days ago we had our first Aussie T-Time.

So, what is T-Time?

Well it is more than just catching up over tea I promise!!

One of the (many) reasons I decided to join Thiga is because it really is a community of passionate product experts, all driven by a desire to learn from one another and share their experience and expertise. As most of us work on a client site, it is important to that we find time to meet and keep the collaboration going. Our T-Time monthly sessions are one of those moments where us Thiguys catch up, get to know each other and work together towards building this shared knowledge base.

In Australia we’ve opted for the following format.

We first start with a short business update.

At Thiga we believe that transparency and communication across all levels of management fosters better consultant engagement.  Since the T-times have the whole team in the same place at the same time,  it’s  a perfect opportunity to share the status of the company locally as well as globally.

Then we welcome the new team members.

This month we have had a lot of new faces start with us:

Gavin Rae

Starting with Gavin Rae, who’s joined us as Talent and Growth Manager. He’s in charge of building the team here and managing the relationship with our clients. He is also a former professional football player, (personally it feels like I know a star) and we are really happy to have him onboard.

We also welcomed our new Managing Director, Michael Rembach, former Group Manager (NSW/ACT) of elabor8, an agile consultancy.
Michael is an experienced digital leader with a strong expertise in building high performing teams and delivering large Agile programs. We are thrilled to have him leading us and look forward to starting this journey together.

Michael Rembach
Diane Truffaux

Finally, it was my turn to be introduced to the team. My name is Diane Truffaux, and I am a Senior UX/UI Designer. I am originally from France, but call Sydney my home since I arrived 4 years ago. I am glad to take part in this promising Franco-Australian adventure!

The monthly workshop or training activity is up next.

T-Time is the one of the main platforms for us as consultants to learn from our peers so we dedicate an important part of these sessions to workshops and/or training. These activities are designed and conducted by one (or a few) of us.

In July, Rémi, co-founder of the Australian office and Senior UX/UI Designer gave a crash course to the crew on Sketch, a powerful digital design tool. Rémi made sure that we all got the basics of it by challenging us at designing in 10 minutes (yes, I did say challenge!) a Twitter cover, illustrating this very article. Let say that at this stage the design skills vary a lot from one team member to another, and it was a lot of fun admiring everyone’s artwork.

Finally, we make sure we have fun.

The session concludes with an offsite team building activity.

For the first session I was in charge of picking a theme and an activity. As nothing sounded better than an escape room, (especially if the objective is to practise collaboration or thinking outside the box), I secretly took the team to Darling Harbour. I will not disclose any details on how we (eventually) managed to get out, but if you want my feedback, I would say…Oh My God, no matter how motivated and creative your are, these things are tough – but fantastic fun!

Finally we embraced an Australian tradition this time by celebrating Christmas, in July, exchanging gifts around a few drinks.

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