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In 2013, Hugo and Alexandre created Thiga, a consulting firm specialised in Product Management, in Paris, France.

They wanted to change the way digital products were made and bridge the gap between strategy, design and development teams to help their clients create better digital products. They wanted to spread the culture of agile development, and bring a startup spirit to more established companies. What a wild idea!

Product Management was an unknown discipline in France at that time. Businesses had a hard time knowing who should own their products, and how their products should be designed, made and run to become successful. But slowly, mindsets changed and today, businesses are putting more and more emphasis on their end-users, and are putting the role of UX Designer, Business Analyst and Product Owner at the centre of their product.

Thiga has grown and helped many French companies – from startups to major international groups, in sectors as diverse as transport, insurance, luxury, music, tourism and online banking – to give to these disciplines the recognition they deserve.

With now more than 50 Thiguys in France, we’ve decided to launch a new branch in Sydney to spread the word as far as we could!

We are looking for a UX Designer, a Business Analyst and a Product Owner to join us.

 Do these words look familiar to you? We would love to have you on board to be part of this new adventure!
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Linkedin ad – PO Consultant

Linkedin ad – UX Designer Consultant

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