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We all know that consistency is crucial in product design. In order to keep consistency in team co-operation, nothing would be more helpful than an up-to-date design style guide. Today I’d like to introduce a SaaS-based platform named Frontify for establishing an online UI or VI style guide.

Why Frontify?

Do you remember the last time your marketing colleague asked for your help to get the appropriate logo for the company newsletter? What did you do? Seek out the SVG file of the company logo, then export it into PNG in a specific dimension? Yes, you might say you’ve already used Google Drive to manage all the common-size company logos, but you have to admit it is not that convenient. What we need is an all-in-one brand management software that everyone in an organisation can contribute to, to maintain brand consistency.

How Frontify works

Frontify is offering a complete feature set for an organisation to maintain a brand style guide – as well as projects based on the brand style guide – where you can set the general logos, colours, typography, icons, UI, and other components. In the meantime, you can create projects under the general brand style guide and manage the assets library of each project individually.

Highlights of Frontify

1. A variety of Smart Blocks to choose from.

Frontify is providing users with a variety of components called “smart blocks” to make the style guide super-useful.

2.Team collaboration

Frontify is also an ideal platform for team collaboration with different ways of managing access and users. By default, users’ access authorisation is managed at the style guide, project, and library level. Users can also create “Groups” to make access management easier.

3.Version control

With the “Revisions” features in Frontify, you can get the version history of each asset. You can also rollback to a specific revision needed.

4.Sketch plugin

Frontify is offering a Sketch Plugin for users to work more efficiently which you can use to do the following things:

– Sync typography and brand colors from the Frontify style guide into Sketch

– Upload Sketch resources to Frontify and keep them updated

Pros and Cons


+ Pure online style guide

+ Work collaboratively

+ Easy to set up

+ Flexible version control


– Some tiny bugs

– Front-end skills required

– Project assets management is not flexible enough (compared to Zeplin)


If you are looking for an easy-to-get-started tool for building and maintaining a style guide for your team, (especially when your developers don’t have capacity/time to help with it) Frontify could be a good choice for you. Thiga would be keen to hear your feedback and other similar tools you use also.

Free trial for Frontify here if you are interested : https://frontify.com/signup.

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