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G’day Animations #2 – Tabbar

G’Day animations episode 2 is out! If you missed the first episode, the idea is simple: every month, we will select innovative, funny and of course user-friendly animations and showcase them here. Each article will focus on a specific topic so you can easily refer to it when you’re looking for inspiration. This month’s topic will be around mobile navigation and particularly about ‘Tabbar’ animations.

Below, you will find several examples of animations when selecting an item in the menu, awesome icon animations, an amazing swipe navigation and other surprises. We hope you enjoy it and it will give you new interaction ideas!

Tab Bar by Prekesh
Animated Tab Bar Icons by Indee Mobile
Tabbar icon by Inna Letina
Tab bar by heiqiubuhei
Tab bar animation concept by Maxence Henric
Hello Tabbar by Sebastian Metel
Tab Bar by John Papandrea
Bottom Nav Experiments by Vitaly Rubtsov
No Burger by Vadim Podvigin
3D touch Navigation by benjamin berger
Bottom bar orientation by Rodrigo Chiesa
Navigation Toggle Interaction by Yaroslav Zubko
Bottom Nav & Tabs by Yaroslav Zubko
Camera app tab bar by Oleg Frolov
Swipe navigation by Steffen Nørgaard Andersen

I hope you liked this list!

See you next month for a new G’day Animations selection.


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