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G’day Animations #7 – Augmented Reality

G’Day animations episode 7 is out! If you missed the previous episodes, here is how it works: every month, we pick a topic and select innovative, funny and of course user-friendly animations.

G’Day animations episode 7 is about Augmented Reality. So here is our selection of AR animations. Enjoy!


AR Picture Frame Gallery by Kevin Pham


AR Furniture App by SATHISH V KUMAR


Airbnb AR Map Concept by Isil Uzum


AR Camera by Akshay Devazya


AssembleAR Steps 01-04 by Adam Pickard


Booking AR Concept by Vitaliy Bezuglyy


Building Identification App by Michael Croft


House of Plants AR Concept by Nathan Riley


I want to try this on! by Aleksei Kipin


Recipe AR App by Eleken


Skate – AR View by Ales Nesetril


TripAdvisor AR Concept by Vitaliy Bezuglyy


Place UI Kit  by Volodymyr Kurbatov

If you would like to dive into the exciting challenges to come with new technologies such as autonomous cars, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Augmented Reality (AR), we highly recommend watching Nielson Norman Group video below.

See you next month for a new G’day Animations selection.


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