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10 Inspiring Quotes about UX #2

Here are our favourite quotes about User eXperience. A great way to be inspired every day and to help you make thoughtful products!

1. “Pay attention to what users do, not what they say.” – Jakob Nielsen
 2. “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” – Seth Godin 3. “Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.” – Joe Sparano
 4. “A great product isn’t just a collection of features. It’s how it all works together.” – Tim Cook
 5. “Speak Human. Feedback is for human beings, so address them as such. Use the words your users use.” – Dan Saffer
 6. “Your old site is the best prototype of your new site.” – Hoa Loranger
 7. “Usability rules the Web. Simply stated, if the customer can’t find a product, then he or she will not buy it.” – Jakob Nielsen
 8. “Want your users to fall in love with your designs? Fall in love with your users.” – Dana Chisnell 9. “If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings.” – Tom & David Kelley
 10. “Intuitive design is how we give the user new superpowers.” – Jared Spool

And you, what is your favourite quote about UX? We hope you enjoyed this selection.

See you soon for a new article!

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